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Hanger - Rope Swing & Sling App Description

Over 5 million downloads on Google Play!

Swing & Sling through a dangerous world filled with

Buzz Saws, lethal Lasers and hungry Monsters!

Just remember that you’re probably gonna

lose some body parts

along the way!

Unlock cool new characters as you swing along!

If you're having a hard time swinging around, then try the worlds toughest

ragdoll Ninja


75+ levels

with unique themes!

Five Levelpacks!

• Unlock different


• Awesome Mini Challenges!

Endless mode!

• Settings - Turn on/off Blood, On-screen Buttons, Music and SFX!

• Worlds toughest

Swinging Ninja!

• Crazy Fun


• Swing around like a real

ragdoll hero!

• Catchy soundtrack by

Boy vs Bacteria!


Hang in there!

•• Even the critics

love it! :)


"Sometimes you just want something that's

fast, easy to play

, but still has something to offer on the production side and has a

cool mechanic

, I think this is it."



"Hanger’s fundamental gameplay is

very good

and its weird, dark bent is intriguing."



"Hanger is the

perfect time waster

to pull out between quick tasks, or to compete with friends or family."



"Thanks to its

immaculate gameplay and terrific art style

, Hanger is a

worthy addition for any casual or hardcore gamer.




“Hanger is worth checking out.

It’s fun

, fast and even a little off-putting in a horror movie kind of way.”




If you like Hanger then be sure to checkout the sequel -

Hanger World

, with a

Level Editor!

Available now on Google Play!

A Small Game AB
Android 4.0.3+

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